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Date: Monday, November 18th
Time: 11:00am 12:15pm
Venue: Mezzanine Meeting Room M3

Speaker: Charlie Han, Microsoft, United States of America

Abstract: The story of HoloLens is founded in the journey to merge the best parts of the digital world with the physical world. From the early days of Kinect to the launch of HoloLens 2, this singular pursuit has taken us through invention, leaps of faith, and an ongoing discovery of what this technology can do to transform work, play and communications. We'll explore some of the toughest technical challenges, along with the human component and how it can guide our collective development of this new medium. This is the story of a more human path.

Speaker(s) Bio:
Charlie leads Product for HoloLens at Microsoft, where he is responsible for customer-centric product definition, coordinated execution across the hardware, software, and GTM teams, and roadmap for HoloLens futures. His most recent work has been on HoloLens 2. Prior to the role, Charlie was the engineering Program Manager for the core silicon platform for HoloLens (1st gen) and also led at-scale Windows-Intel collaborations on Ultrabook and tablet partnerships. He has been a hardware enthusiast most of his life, tinkering with computers since he first laid hands on the family i386. Charlie joined Microsoft in 2010, after completing a BASc in Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo.